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                        Photosensitive seal machine (Portrait Sealing Machine) features

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                        2018/03/28 09:53
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                        The basic principle of the photosensitive sealer (portrait sealer) is to use the photosensitivity of special materials to form an impermeable film on the surface of the stamp that does not require imprinting, so as to achieve the effect of the seal. Therefore, using a photosensitive seal to create a seal is fast. Photosensitive seal machine without stamp pad, can be repeated oiling; ink does not spread, do not fade, that is, India is dry; seal is not deformed, from the stamping pressure; more than 100,000 times the service life; in line with the "seal public security management information system" requirements , truly anti-counterfeiting; can be stamped on plastic, copperplate paper, glass or metal. Can be used to produce photosensitive seal, portrait chapter, seal pen. The
                        Photosensitive seal machine can do official seal, secret seal, portrait seal, digital seal, and so on. Using the latest digital technology, personal information such as name, telephone, E-mail, QQ number, personal signature, etc., is used to create a stereoscopic and clear seal. Portrait seal is the perfect combination of seal technology and digital technology and materials science.
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