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                        Five major seal production software

                        Common Problem
                        2018/03/28 09:55
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                        1. Jinshan Electronic Seal 2006
                        This is an electronic seal production software based on Jinshan WPS text. It can effectively guarantee the security, legality, authority and completeness of articles without changing any existing workflow. Users can safely and securely edit and use electronic seals.
                        This is a stamp making software that integrates design, editing, and printing. It can be used in combination with a photosensitive sealer or other stamping device that requires a preprinted stamp draft. In addition, it also provides the function of mirror-printing for manuscript-printing enthusiasts.
                        3. Stamp production system
                        The system can produce official seals and stamps, and can save the stamp output as a common GIF graphic format. In order to facilitate the use of documents and pictures, the output image can be adjusted to a transparent type. Like other seal software of the same type, it supports the appearance of various shapes such as circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, etc., with multiple parameters adjustable, and supports custom curved text size.
                        4. Master of seal production
                        As a personal software, it not only has many common functions possessed by similar software, such as artistic seals, official seals, personal seals, positive seals, negative seals, etc. In addition, the software can also combine multiple seals of different effects into a complex. seal.
                        5, electronic seal
                        This is a simple, versatile official seal design software, suitable for any industry or company official documents, voucher printing, a variety of business development. The software can export BMP pictures for backup or directly paste into Word, Photoshop and other editing and design software for use.
                        First, evaluation project
                        1. Software interface comparison
                        The software interface is the first feeling to the user, from the interface can be a general understanding of how the software's operability. Jinshan electronic seal and seal production system interface layout is similar, the editing area and preview area are placed in the software around, when you modify the seal information can immediately generate a seal preview to facilitate the next edit of the seal. The appearance of the electronic seal design is not as fragmented as the previous two paragraphs. The simple and simple buttons can realize all the processes of the seal design.
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